my internal demons are so bad right now that they immediately overtake the fact that my facebook just got hacked and that im sick or have 3 unstarted papers due this week. my internal demons are so bad that often any real life situation can’t compare. People are always sorry that i have so much work to do or they’re sorry that i have substance abusing parents. None of these external forces are even half the intensity of my self-doubt and severe aversion to being myself. are you ever so filled with self-hate that you begin to twitch and cry? feel like jumping in front of the oncoming train for a week straight? feed your body a quick and unhealthy fix of food or chemicals or anything in your arsenal to avoid thinking about yourself? I’m spending a larger proportion of my time braindead and its no way to pass life by. this time here is so finite and i can’t seem to make it work


other girls:
short skirts
dyed hair
painted nails

alloy shell
warp core
tattoo that says ncc-1701
i’m the starship enterprise

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In Romania they have box Vodka.


It’s 37.5% and it comes with a fucking straw.

Welp, guess where I’m going.

Boston Hassle Fest 2013

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4000 years of medicine

eat the root.

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